What are the best sources of energy for the planet?

We are discussing with Serge Conesa the best possible energy sources for the planet. Serge is the founder of immersion4, a sustainable tech provider with the mission of cooling down data centers and reducing energy consumption in an eco-friendly way.

About Serge

Serge Conesa brings over 30 years of experience in data communications and the IT networking industry. His experience ranges from working in the business of internationally expanding major telecommunications and civil infrastructure businesses coordinating all the key elements of a new business: including time, money, resources and technologythroughout multiple geographies and cultures. Serge has been the former COO part of Midas Green Technology funding team. He has been working with Chris Boyd to develop the Generation 3 and 4 for 2 years and now the Immersion4 DTM (Dynamic Thermal Management) creating a business portfolio greater than $100M. He has held key positions in both sales and marketing management with start-ups such as Livingston Enterprises, Nuera and Dynarc. He has also been responsible for building and implementing the entire operations in the EMEA region covering Sales, presales, post-sales, marketing and business development for these companies. Serge is also a former member of VCG International, company helping European or US based start-ups such as Wave7Optics, Hyperchip, Mahi Networks, QoSMetrix, Ditech Communications, Movaz, Ercom, RRT, Avvasi, Andrexen, Navayo, Bee Ware, Horne International, Midas Green Technology, Invoxis, Sea Orbiter…. to extend and increase market share in North America and internationally. Prior to Dynarc, Serge was Director of Strategic Alliances for the Inter-Networking Systems Business Unit at Lucent Technologies. Serge helped form the corporate data strategy and led several key acquisitions. In this role he identified and defined portfolio requirements, assembled multi-disciplinary M&A teams, specified product and vendor requirements, researched potential partner and acquisition targets; and performed detailed business case and financial analysis on targeted companies and products. Serge led some of the WW OEM agreements and acquisitions including ActivCard, SUN Microsystem, BULL, Infovista and Nexabit. Prior to Lucent technologies, Serge held Key Executive Sales management and business development roles at Alcatel, AT&T and AMP. Recently, Serge primary focus has been to bring a new interpretation to utility management and savings by: • Redefining system approach leading to a methodology which includes agility, to provide real-time actionable insights to reduce the utility consumption from the building to the scale of a country in respect with the security and data integrity of all parties involved. • Creating a Universal Assessment Platform “UAP” to provide a unified and cohesive SaaS solution that enables C level building owners and municipalities to realize the full benefit of their smart grid and energy system investments. His vision will help corporate and government customers assess, optimize, and manage the life cycle of resources utilization for enhanced efficiency and reduced energy consumption. At the highest levels of governments, energy independence is recognized as key to maintain a nation’s economic and political security. His work is giving now the ability to respond to the call from the White House, not only in addressing, but also in helping to solve the nation’s need for energy independence in a climate of greater demand and diminishing resources, and to replace the current inefficient industrial model of resources management with a new highly efficient model. For these accomplishments Serge has been elected to become a National Interest of the United States of America due to the importance of his work which shifts the paradigm of energy management. As a dedicated family man, he always had the desire to help children who are less fortunate. He is currently creating foundations focus on education to provide freely an integrated video conferencing solution to schools and K12 around the world.

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