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The podcast about "wholistic innovation" in German and English

Finest Podcasting

Dieter Brockmeyer


Dieter is one of the founders and the innovation expert of the Diplomatic World Institute in Brussels and author of Pandemia’s Box, a book explaining the concept of “Wholistic Innovation”.

Christian Salow


Christian is the publisher of the financial portal, a platform for professional investors. He is based in Frankfurt am Main, Germany and a fan of remote productions.

Goals and Guests

Two men having a virtual coffee chat. Is that banal? Far from it, because they talk about topics that concern us all, the changes in our living conditions with which we are confronted every day and with ever increasing speed. On the one hand, there are (technical) innovations that rain down on us, but at the same time require a new – i.e. an innovative approach.

Dieter and Christian are not only moving in their own filter bubble. Guests are invited who bring their own perspective or simply expert knowledge to the group. Depending on the guest’s language the episodes are either in German or English.


Featured podcast


Die Communicative Organization – Eine weltweit neue Organisationsform

Ulrike Germann, Journalistin, Kommunikatorin und Interim-Management-Spezialistin, spricht über die "Communicative Organization", ein neues, revolutionäres Kommunikationsmodell und Managementansatz, den sie gemeinsam mit dem Co-Autor Eberhardt...